by A Great Notion

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Out on Ashes Records 20/08/12


released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


A Great Notion Peterborough, UK

Three piece punk rock from Cambridgeshire.
New album "responsibilities" out this year!

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Let's hit the town tonight and roll like we used to,
Raise our flag higher than we ever did.
Watch the skyline burn, everything must go tonight,
Take my hand, everything will be ok.

Let's make tonight our own story,
Then burn the pages written down and,
When we wake up in the morning,
Let's start this all over again.

Loose inhabitation and break the mould that you're in,
Come and take a slow dance with me.
Big decisions are made under hazy eyes,
Take my hand everything be ok.

Today is a better day they say.
Lost sight of the shoreline through,
The fingertips of mornings haze,
No recognisable landmarks to,
Guide us safely back to you.

Hold on, hold back,
Hold on just a little bit,
Hold on. hold back,
We'll find our way don't worry.

Well seven years of bad luck followed seven years of searching,
The high seas just to find our way.
Lost maps and black skies are hindering,
But we'll never give in, never loose.

We got a little lost, we doesn't everyone.

We're the deathless ones, we're never giving in.
Deep down I know that this is right,
We've took the long way home,
We never said that this was easy,
But now we know.
Long live romance and lovers,
Long live hope.
This one's for my brothers back at home,
Who are back at home.

My black lungs tighten and I can't breathe,
My body is crying out for some sleep,
My black lungs tighten and I can't,
Sleep another night while I'm away on the road form you.

Cold floors and sleepless nights are standard,
To follow our heart.
An empty show with few familiar faces,
Are all we know.
Let's drink to old friends and lovers,
Let's drink to hope.
This one's for the lovers back at home,
Who are back at home.

Everybody is looking at me, i don't know what to say to them,
I'm wishing I was back home with you.
Feel a little confused again as my head starts to spin,
I'm wanting to be back home with you.
Sleepless nights in the van, it's great to be in a band,
But I'm wishing I was back home with you.
Meeting people, making friends, I hope it never ever ends,
But I'm longing to be back home with you.
Track Name: BROTHER
It's days like this that aren't rosy,
It's days like this that I am feeling down,
I'm struggling to keep my head above water,
O brother please hold on to me,
O brother please hold on to me.

The same old sounds the same old feelings,
Those are the things that remind me of you,
I'm holding on to memories of you tight,
O brother hold on to me tight too,
O brother hold on to me tight too.

I'm feeling down,
I'm feeling lower than Atlantis ever was but,
I know you'll be there to steady me brother,
O brother please hold me still now, now,
O brother please hold me still now, now.

I feeling low.
Track Name: OCTOBER
It's broken, discarded, it's left here to rot,
And these once golden memories are now long gone, forgot.
And the autumn sky bleeds exposing the cracks,
Yeah exposing the cracks to this tale.

Hey now, what do you know?
Tell me some stories that i've not been told,
If silence is golden then I must be rich,
But my pockets are empty,
My hearts filled with cracks,
Am I missed?

It's shattered, dismantled, it's starting to rust,
And these pages I've written are now gathering dust,
And the words stuck in my throat they wanted to choke,
Yeah they wanted to choke you to death.
Some days all you want is a song to sing along to,
About good times, good friend, good hearts, good nights and days gone by.
Well I said don't worry,
I said don't worry about me,
Cause we're never giving in, never giving up,
Just pass another drink and away we go.

Let's stay awake here for hours,
And talk about those days gone by.
Let's make big plans to get things moving,
And race the morning sunrise.

Right now all we've got are these pictures and rosy memories,
About good times, good friends, good hearts, good nights and days gone by.
I said we'd never grow up,
I said we'd never conform,
So give me one more night were we try to win this fight,
Just give me one more night and away we go.

Never giving in, giving up or backing down.
We'll find our own way home when we are good and ready,
We'll race the morning sun for as long as our legs will carry.
The possibilities are endless,
Have you got the nerve to dare dance with me tonight?
Stay strong, stay focused, concentrate on your goals,
Stay true, stay brave, always hold your head high,
Always keep your head held high.

Sliver linings, happy endings,
Don't come for free you got to earn them,
Stay bold, stay honest, stay true to your own self,
Stand tall, stand fast, always hold your head high,
Always keep your head held high.

For time and forever, you're always in our heart.
For time and forever, we'll always wear these scars.

This is our time and this is our place so,
Live for now 'cause time waits for no one,
Keep smiling, keep loving, hold onto your dreams,
Keep moving, keep learning, always hold your head high,
Always keep your head held high.
Track Name: ASTRAY
An empty glass is all that's left,
To remind me of this mess,
I don't know what to say to you,
I miss you my friend.
Laughed together, danced together,
Every step we took was like the first we ever made,
Played by our rules, we had the right to,
The golden days of innocence our dreams were there for making.

It's been a while since I've seen your face,
And your brown, blue, green, grey eyes,
I don't owe that smile anything but,
Tonight I'm singing just for you.

Remember when we took a drive,
We listened to our favourite songs time and time again,
Drove for hours through the night,
One thousand million white lines,
They showed us the way.
Never realised, never recognised the grass is always greener when you're standing on the other side,
Watched the sun rise, saw the moon slide, the dawning of a new day our dreams were for taking.

The path that we've taken has led us astray,
If I knew how I could I would bring back today,
The times we shared, the fun we had,
I want those back.
Track Name: INSECURE V (Political Jam)
Originally by those awesome guys form Switzerland, The Swing'In Class Hero
One last drink then we'll go home,
A toast to friends here and gone now,
It's moments like these that bring us together.
Breathe, don't leave yourself breathless.
Hold, don't let yourself go now,
Your strength is what's kept us form breaking apart.

It's so hard to say goodbye,
When we're still beginning,
It's so hard to say goodbye,
When we're just beginning,
But I know you're OK.

We'll have stories I promise you that,
We'll hold memories as tight as we can,
It's moments like this that keep us together.
Lost but never forgotten.
Gone but always remembered.
Please never worry I'll aways be there.
Track Name: NO MORE
The days they turn into weeks,
The weeks they fall into months,
When did we become like ships in separate oceans?
I'm starting to see the shift,
I'm starting to realise,
That nothing can stay the same and that this is the start of the end.

No more, we're not the same.

Well ten years forgotten in months,
And promises broken in days,
is this what it feels to be hurt, is this what it feels to be wrong?
I know sometimes it's hard,
When good friends move apart,
And nothing can stay the same and this is the start of the end.

Sometimes I wish that we could start again.